Here Are 4 Similarities Between Shopify Plus And Magento Enterprise

Are you running a company that deals with a high volume of e-commerce transactions? If yes, you need to consider using an enterprise e-commerce platform. It can help you to manage a business of high returns without errors. Two leading platforms can help you with this. Magento Enterprise is the leading open source platform. It will enable you to draft a unique site which can increase the growth of your business.

Shopify plus is another excellent platform. It is a top hosted-platform. It comes with advanced features to enhance the functionality of your business. Let’s have a clear view of the similarities between the two platforms:

Compare Ecommerce Platforms

Customer support

Customer support is a crucial feature in an enterprise e-commerce platform. It will help you to fix issues when creating your site, managing and organizing your business. Shopify plus and Magento enterprise will attend to your problems quickly. However, they will perform the task at different levels. Shopify plus comes with a 24/7 customer support. Their support system is reliable and will provide you with positive feedbacks at the right time. Also, it offers various methods of reaching them. You can use a free phone call, live chat, or a text.

The Magento enterprise has a community that will respond to your questions. Nevertheless, it can spend days without providing feedback. But you can get a reliable support system by adding costs.

E-commerce Platform Comparison
Shopify Plus: An Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Review

Mobile optimization

Having the mobile optimization feature on your site can increase traffic. Many customers are using the mobile to browse online. Hence, with this feature, they can easily find your site. Both Shopify plus and Magento enterprise have responsive templates. With this, your site will support all mobile devices. However, Shopify plus stands out to be a winning responsive platform because of the SDK feature. It will enable you to sell physical products on your mobile app.

Integrated payments gateways

Various methods of payments can offer a short and clear check-out process. With this, customers will have an opportunity to choose a method of their choice. Shopify plus has over 70 payment gateways which can enhance the customers’ experience. Magento enterprise being an open source enterprise e-commerce platform will allow you to add more payment methods.

Shopify Plus
Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise


Another great feature that these two platforms offer is the customization. It will allow you to add elements and features that can improve the functionality of your business. Magento Enterprise is a leading customizable platform. Because it is an open source platform, it will offer you the freedom to add advanced features and make changes to your website.

Also, the Shopify plus is not much behind with its customizable ability. It comes with customizable themes to enable you to add unique elements.

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