Shopify Plus Is the Best Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

3 Reasons Why Shopify Plus Is the Best Enterprise E-Commerce Platform for Startups on This Level than Magento Enterprise

Shopify plus or Magento enterprise which should you consider as a startup? Starting a business online is not an easy task. Particularly, if you are looking forward to having an enterprise-level venture, you need to be conscious in the platform selection. As you are aware, enterprise level businesses have complicated tasks. You have to handle a large number of sales and process orders. Also, you need to ensure your customer data security is a priority.

With the rising cases of online crimes, any reluctance on the security aspect can be a pillar in your downfall.  As a startup or a new entrant, having a shoestring budget is a common thing. If you are at this level, Shopify plus is the better option than Magento enterprises. Here are three prime reasons why this is so:

You do not need to be a coding expert

Your priority when moving your enterprise to the virtual platform is selling to the online community. You do not seek to be a coding expert. For you to use Magento enterprise, you need to be a coding guru. Or else, you should be able to hire a coding expert. As a startup, having huge budgets for such purposes is a big challenge. Fortunately, Shopify plus does not require you to possess such skills. The platform offers you drag-and-drop features. You can easily build your e-commerce website within few hours and start selling. Hence, you do not need to become a coding expert.

It is PCI compliant

For your online business to remain in operation and competitive, you must assure your customers of their information. Customers cannot purchase goods on a site they are sure will result in them being victims. As you know, payment transactions are a central activity in businesses. Customers use their cards to pay you. A top-ranking website must be PCI compliant. For Magento enterprise, you have the responsibility to ensure your site is compliant to this standard. However, as a SaaS platform, Shopify plus is PCI compliant. You do not need to worry about the security of your customer’s information.

No maintenance costs       

While uniqueness and attractiviness are priorities in the online sector, they should not come at the cost of draining your sweat. As a startup, high maintenance and software updating costs can cripple your business. For Shopify, it is the responsibility of the provider to do the updating function. On the other hand, Magento enterprise requires you to go deep in your pocket to realize this goal. Hence, Shopify plus is a good idea.

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