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Is Security Your Priority? Here Are 3 Reasons Why Shopify Plus Should Be Your Choice

Have you ever been a victim of cybercrime? If not, you are lucky. When online hackers and fraudsters attack your e-commerce site, you suffer loss. You lose customers and future sales. This way, your business marks a step on its downfall.  To remain on top of your niche, assuring customers about their data security is not optional.

For a customer to buy the product in your site, they want assurance their information is safe. If you have security issues in your business, Shopify plus can be a good idea. But how is it different from other enterprise e-commerce solutions available? Here are three reasons why Shopify plus should be your choice when security is a priority in your online business:

PCI compliant

Are you frequently processing cards in your online store? Certainly, a credit card is one of the payment gateways you have in your e-commerce platform. Customers have a chance to pay for their orders using their debit or credit cards. Online criminals are aware of this too. They know that card processing points are fertile grounds for stealing customer’s information.

Without the proper protection of customer’s information, your e-commerce website will become a good place for them to achieve their goals. In this essence, an e-commerce platform that is PCI compliant is not optional. As a leading e-commerce solution, Shopify ensures all its plans are PCI compliant. Hence, you can be certain that going for Shopify plus will ensure you customers security and keep you on the rail to achieving your goals.

Frequent software updates

If you are not new to the information technology, you are aware that outdated software is green grounds for the fraudster. Cybercriminals are in love with platforms that are  reluctant in updating their software. With the current technological advancement, being at par with software update change can be a challenge. However, the good news is that Shopify plus keep their software updated frequently. This way, your business and customer information will be secure.

SSL protocol  

Another essential point that online fraudsters find as a profitable place for their mission is the information exchange points. When selling online, encrypting your information and messages when transferring them can help you to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crimes. Shopify plus offers you SSL protocol enabling you to encrypt your end-to-end information exchange. Hence, chances of falling prey to online criminals become a rare case.

In a word, Shopify plus is a good idea if security is a priority in your business.

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